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About Ariana Escalante

Ariana Escalante is a nationally broadcast and published Media Personality located in Los Angeles, California. An on-camera host, marketing video producer, emcee, and speaker, she works with an impressive portfolio of corporate clients, television networks, and large social media brands to truly bring their messages to life both on-camera and onstage.


Menu of Services


on-camera host

As the host of your show or video, Ariana acts as the liaison between your audience and the story you want to share with them. An intelligent yet light-hearted presence, she guides viewers through any range of video content including digital or televised shows, sizzle reels, corporate videos, promotional or training videos, social media videos and livestreams, commercials, infomercials, interviews, product reviews and testimonials, and much more. Her articulate and graceful demeanor offer gravitas while her extensive experience in comedic improvisation adds a touch of laughter and fun to any project. Ariana has nearly 10 years of on-camera hosting experience, is teleprompter proficient, and is known amongst her clients as a one-take-wonder. Ariana's host clients include CBS, ABC, NFL Network, The Travelers Channel, and BET.


Print Modeling

Many of Ariana’s clients including Levis, Honda, Macy’s, and Purina have trusted the image of their brand with her warm smile, approachable energy, and attractive demeanor. Using Ariana as the model for your print ad campaigns, in-store signage, or website imagery can give it that necessary human-touch, significantly improving your brand's lasting impact on both existing and potential customers. Many clients choose to pair Ariana's video services with a print model campaign to create an impactful, beautiful, and consistent brand aesthetic across all of their marketing channels.


With a background in musical theatre and comedy improv Ariana truly lights up the stage! As your emcee she will guide your audience through a magical experience full of laughs, audience engagement, and touching moments. Her years 15+ of experience onstage gives her the ability to eloquently introduce speakers, present awards, and lead any style of program with confidence. A rare talent who is consistently praised for her unwavering ability to handle the somewhat-unpredictable nature of live events, Ariana excels in the famous saying "The show must go on!" so you can rest easy knowing that your event will be led seamlessly from start to finish.

public speaker

Ariana is a beloved public speaker having delivered speeches and workshops in front of thousands of excited audience members. Ranked #1 out of 63 speakers at the Utah Theatre Association Conference in 2018, Ariana offers a range of topics that can be easily customized to your corporate, educational, or community audiences.  Ariana offers a range of topics under her coined term "Find Your Voice" ™ umbrella which promotes empowerment, diversity, and finding joy through creativity. Speeches and workshop titles include (but are not limited to) "Showing Your Star Quality Traits," "How to Present with Confidence," and "Cultural Diversity as a First Generation American." Custom topics available by request.

BRAND spokesperson

As your spokesperson, Ariana can help increase your brand awareness and ultimately boost sales through her unique expertise in positive brand messaging. Whether on-camera or in-person, every company needs a face for their brand, and ideally one who knows how to bring your message to life in a clear, attractive, and personal way. Ariana gives your brand the voice it deserves, promising a relatable and engaging delivery that your consumers can easily connect with. Imagine Ariana as the articulate, dynamic, and collaborative spokesperson that you've been seeking for your next promotional marketing video, industry trade show, press interview, or investor presentation. Some of Ariana's brand spokesperson clients include Verizon Wireless, Marriott, Levis, Lexus, Acura and 100s more.



A voice to tell your story is an invaluable addition to your comprehensive marketing strategy. Ariana offers voiceover services for your in-store recordings, automated phone reception, radio ads, narrated commercials, narrated videos, and much more. Her talented voice work offers a range of tones creating everything from those fun, candid vibes to more serious, technical messaging.

Video concepts & VIDEO production

As a business-owner or leader in your organization, you have enough to juggle in any given 24-hour period! If you've been considering a promotional marketing video or social media video campaign, but haven't known where to start, let Ariana and her team of trusted freelance professionals help you discover and develop a simple, step-by-step strategy for all of your creative video and presentation needs. Once you’ve decided on the game-plan, we can write, shoot, and edit the videos for you so that you can do what you do best, run your business! Ariana and her team offer complimentary production consultations at your convenience.


Marketing consulting

Ariana promises to “bring your message to life” in every way possible. This is why she and her talented team at Gluck Marketing Group offer complimentary marketing consultations at your convenience to help you explore the very best marketing and brand growth strategies available to you in today’s highly competitive, video driven market. To request your complimentary, customized consultation with Gluck Marketing Group, hop on over to Ariana's contact page!

Ariana offers a one-stop-shop for all of our video marketing needs! Not only an unbelievable talent, she has helped us create our own unique social media video campaign and emcees all of our brand outreach events.
— Jon Gluck, CEO Gluck Marketing Group



Verizon Wireless

Patrick Kirkland, Senior Copy Writer

"Ariana is an impressive personality to work with.  She was warm, energetic and extremely professional both on-camera and off. Within minutes of start time, she took the reins. She seemed comfortable wrangling and interacting with anyone at a several hundred person event, from high-level influencers to the shyest of children. Perhaps most impressive, though, was her ability to take a minimal amount of direction and improv camera-ready lines in one take. I honestly can’t wait to work with her again."


Dean Omatsu, Freelance Video Producer

"Ariana is great to work with! The job which shot over 10-days required her to be on camera 95% of the time. She was able to grasp detailed car tech language and treat it like she had been speaking it her whole life. As a director, I found her very versatile and she was able to improvise to interject humor into the creative. She comes prepared, collaborates on set and even through long working days she brings the greatest attitude. She was perfect for this job and I will be casting her again. Thanks Ariana!"




Pete Brennan, In-Room Guide "Check In Destinations" Producer

"Every once in a while someone comes along who is just different from everyone else…the small percentage of people that are naturally bound to be the very best in their field. Every once in a while someone has just the right mix of EVERYTHING.  Ariana has character and a kind demeanor.  She is versatile, professional, smart, driven, and she has a rare talent to engage audiences in an authentic way."

The Travelers Channel

Phil Ferrari, Producer

"I swear Ariana has a photographic memory. I can literally hand her a last minute script for a 40 second segment with names, dates, historical shenanigans, and in two minutes she’s memorized, standing on her mark, ready to call action. She really is a "One take wonder"!"



Zuma Juice

Luke Jaten, CEO

"Ariana is a PRO. Not only did she deliver our message flawlessly, she had no problem when we completely changed the script on her several times and said “can you try it this way?” She takes direction without any hint of a complaint. She can play the same line fourteen different ways and is just as ‘on’ being serious, casual, or funny. We can’t wait to work with her on our next project. The only warning I would give anyone wanting to use her for their project is… you better do it now because she’s a rising star and you may not be able to afford her for too much longer."

Rockstar dreams

Keegan Pitz, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

"Ariana is a consummate professional. She has collaborated with me on multiple projects over the last few years as an on-camera personality interviewing major and emerging artists for She always brings her A-game, her enthusiasm, passion for people, and attention to detail is invaluable. We have recently had the pleasure of bringing her on board as a creative consultant and can't wait to see what the future holds."

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